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ARVOU S2000 TOUGE Attack // MANIWASPEED // Supported by TONE

国産最速級のAttackマシン”ARVOU S2000″が峠を攻める‼️

今回は筑波53秒台、2023年のワールド・タイムアタック・チャレンジでもクラス優勝を果たした国内最速級のAttackマシンARVOU S2000! 柴田優作による本気アタックをご覧ください。

The Ultimate S2000 Descends at the Maniwa Speed!
The ARVOU S2000, Japan’s Premier Attack Machine, Aggressively Charges the Pass!

By popular demand, we’re excited to release our ‘Touge Attack Video’! This episode showcases the ARVOU S2000, a premier domestic Attack machine that achieved a lap time in the 53-second bracket at Tsukuba and also secured a class victory at the 2023 World Time Attack Challenge. Experience the intense full-throttle attack by Yusaku Shibata. Keep an eye out for more ‘Touge Attack Videos’ coming soon. Enjoy!

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